Some reviews from clients and patrons

I wanted to let you know that yesterday I fell in love with and purchased a print of your work with a flock of birds going after a cheese puff. This perfectly recounts an afternoon on the beach with my parents when we started feeding one small bird some of our cheese puffs, who we lovingly dubbed “cheesy bird.” He flew away for quite a while, and then later showed up with all of his bird friends, and it looked just like your painting. Sometimes it saddens us to find our human experiences are not unique, sometimes it makes us feel connected to the universe in a more meaningful way. This case brought me infinite happiness, that a memory from my mind had already been catalogued by another, and that I could send only the picture to my parents and get them to reply “OMG where did you find that. It’s cheesy bird!” Thank you, and I hope to find more of your work in the future.

My husband and I just returned home to Raleigh after spending our 2nd wedding anniversary visiting Asheville, NC for the first time. While there, we had lunch at the Corner Kitchen yesterday and noticed your “stack ‘em” pancake piece on the wall and it became the conversation piece for our meal. We honestly feel in love with you work and want to keep it in our home. Keep doing what you’re doing - for “non-artsy” people we were really taken with it and it stayed with us - think that’s the whole point.

My wife and I were actually in Asheville over the summer during our honeymoon. During our trip we stopped in many art galleries looking for the perfect piece. We observed many beautiful/artistic pieces in places such as Madison Wisconsin San Francisco and even New Orleans. Man was it a great trip!! We actually saw many of your pieces in a gallery in Asheville. We were so excited to learn that you were actually going to be there the following day for some sort of exhibit. My wife and I deemed you one of the best artists we’ve seen in a really long time and your style suites out taste to a T.

I was wonderfully surprised with your extravagant gift to express different scenes of the Ocean and Land. I personally love the WAVE ! The Appalacian Sunset !!! My goodness...explosively unique....

I bought one of your pieces two or three years ago in Asheville for my beach house in Carolina Beach. It might just be my favorite piece of art I own!