A Musical Commission

Glass has traditionally been my painting medium, but I've always loved illustration and occasionally I get the opportunity to do something outside of the box, so to speak.

Recently, a musician friend commissioned me to paint a seamless yet shifting mosaic that encompassed memories and scenes of his time spent in California, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The medium? A guitar, of course. It was a gratifying project that put me back in touch with my drawing roots.   

New website!

After many years and a painfully steep learning curve (I am technology-adverse, you know), I have a new website (www.osheeran.com). Check it out! I am grateful for the oh-so-patient and professional help of Anna and Emma Zanetti who helped establish this site and empower me to manage it on my own.  Thank you!  I admit that I still have some edits to make which, for those who know me and my hectic daddy-artist life, understand that this may take some time. So, bare with me and please visit often as I will be adding new images frequently and tinkering with the layout.